Our team grows to build our crypto education strategy

We have new Albert in the office

I introduce myself

I’m Albert López, I have more than 20 years dedicated to creating and developing Internet projects, and today I start my journey with CryptoAdvisor.club.

Why am I joining?

Clearly, one Albert was missing. Seriously, it was necessary. Really, it was.

I’ve worked with Albert Lombarte and Albert García several times, co-founding successful projects like Obolog, Splitweet, or Uvinum. Again, we share common interests, and I can complement our knowledge and strengths as a team.

What will I bring to the table? What’s my specialty?

Addition, and if they let me, multiplication. Although I come from a science background, I have specialized in digital content management and search engine optimization throughout my professional career. That is, to grow and optimize the organic acquisition channel of an online project thanks to the creation of quality content.


The main purpose of getting involved in the project is to implement the content and education plan that will complement the current proposal, and that leads us to the vision of the project: to help people to enter, explore and take advantage of the world of investment in cryptocurrencies, and learn in a practical way from the hand of our virtual assistant.

What’s coming

For all this, I will dedicate myself to initially defining the style guide, the editorial calendar, the management of the content in the social networks and the different subscriptions that we will provide from all the CryptoAdvisor.club channels. And someone will have to start writing (and translating) all those articles and guides you’ll be eager to discover.

I have my work cut out for me, so let’s get to work, I mean... to the keyboard! And stay tuned; there’s stuff coming.